Refreshen Skin Formulas

Refreshen is the only manufacturer to offer three different strengths of microdermabrasion cream.  Now you have a choice.

Sensitive Skin Formula; For those with delicate skin or who have low tolerance to many consumer skin products.  You will get better results with our Sensitive Skin Formula than with any other microdermabrasion cream

Regular Strength; For those who have normal skin.  Use this strength and get fabulous results.  The best microdermabrasion cream you have ever tried.

Professional Strength; Our most popular cream because you get big results quickly.  From your very first treatment you will see improvement in your skin.

Refreshen Moisturizer;  Nothing improves the quality of your skin like a super premium moisturizer right after your microdermabrasion treatment.  That is because you have just removed the outer most layer of cells that hinder absorption.  Your skin can now receive your moisturizer better than ever before.  Refreshen Super premium moisturizer includes all the finest quality and most luxurious ingredients. Like;

Aloe Leaf Juice

Avocado Seed Oil

Jojoba Seed Oil

Grape Seed Oil

Vitamin E

Shea Butter

Cucumber Fruit Extract

Grapefruit Seed Extract

Matricaria Flower Extract

Japanese Green Tea Extract

Mannentake Mushroom Extract

Shiitake Mushroom Extract

We did not skimp on anything, we made the best moisturizer possible and in a generous 2 oz volumetric size.

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A Message From Donna Lisa – Microdermabrasion Creams

Sunlight is The Number one cause of undesirable skin changes we see in people over age 40.  Typical of the changes that come with age are; wrinkles, crease lines, loose hanging facial skin, leathery skin, dryness of the skin, blotchiness of the skin, yellowing, or pebbly skin texture.  These age related changes often cause people to feel self-conscious and older than they really are.  Fortunately there is very extremely effective and inexpensive skin care therapy that is used at home.  Refreshen microdermabrasion cream by Donna Lisa.

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Refreshen Microdermabrasion Cream

Everyone’s skin naturally changes with age, you sweat less and your skin takes longer to heal. You certainly can delay these changes by staying out of the sun, however if you already have age related wrinkles and dry skin there is very good news. Read on.

Where as nothing will completely negate sun damage, there is excellent evidence to support the position that the aged and dry skin can significantly repair itself with help from you and home microdermabrasion which exfoliates dead skin cells, unblocks pours as well as conditions your facial skin with many beneficial ingredients. Refreshen Microdermabrasion Cream by Donna Lisa is the best tool at the best price to fade age spots, and reducing wrinkles.


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